The importance of relaxation

Let’s not complicate things. We all want it. We all crave it. We need it. We practically live for it.

It’s relaxation.

Relaxation is an elusive feeling, often coming and going before we realize it actually was there. Being relaxed is only determined on a relative basis, compared to prior events in your life that make up “yourself”.

So, the question I think we all want to ask – and likely are asking – is how do we become relaxed? (Obviously the following is 100% opinioned and in no ways a concrete scientific theory)

How do we become relaxed?

I do not know. However, I can figure that it has something to do with the realization of what’s important in this moment versus what is not. My point in this is to say, often times what gets us stressed (which is logically the opposite of relaxed) is something that we can’t actually control or at a minimum, in the scheme of things – not important, on a relative basis.

What is important? Well, of course that is dependent upon your viewpoint, but my guess what is truly important, is not the job, the money or the fame. More than likely, deep inside yourself, the importance lies in human connection and the feeling of being wanted.

So, after we consciously recognize what is important, we can move forward and pursue this importance. Yes, to answer that question you have, it will likely mean you give up the perceived important ‘job’ or ‘money’, but as you answered previously – those do not provide you with relaxation (or happiness).

So, the end all be all – the point of this subsection of this journal is this: Relaxation is achieved from the conscious recognition of what is truly important and chasing that. All the while letting the false perceptions of important fall to wayside to work themselves out in due time.

The Importance of Relaxation